Download Minecraft for Free

Download Minecraft for Free..

This download of Minecraft is the latest Update of Minecraft 1.9 It includes full and unlimited game play.. Play Minecraft in Single Player or on Multi-Player Servers.



Click here to download Minecraft


•  Full Free Minecraft Version 1.9   (MinecraftSP, Cracked Minecraft)

•  Full Featured, Unlimited, and Completely Free. It Updates Too!




You will see this window when installing our software. Our software has been submitted and approved by Microsoft.

You will see this window when installing our software. Our software has been submitted and approved by Microsoft.











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Comments (44)

  1. Bora

    Nice Job I ♥ Minecraft

  2. Mark

    Thanks, worked great.

  3. Raj

    Download worked good. Is correct working.

  4. Simon

    Thanks Mate, top notch, it updated too!
    I am now playing Minecraft on StadioCraft’s server.. their IP is :
    It’s a cracked server and works great with your Minecraft Launcher. -Simon

  5. brooklyn

    love this game works fine

  6. Junior

    wow…… it’s work…. but i just need to download java first

  7. James

    I have a friend who had to pay like $27, and now that I have it for free he feels cheated. lol

  8. Tropical Pikachu

    Thank You!

  9. ColdZero


  10. CJ

    Thanks a ton!!! i love it! absolutely perfect. my cousin paid like $30and i got it for free! XD I laughed so hard when i told him!

  11. uigiugg


  12. Himichelle

    thanks for all cool seed for minecraft:1672184498917379323

  13. lanzpogi123


  14. Ivo


  15. Emmanuel

    great man it works well.

  16. darron

    this game is awesome

  17. Alexdacreepa


  18. Angel Mae Ramido

    Really good it’s working ,, nice job ! Minecraft

  19. SUPPORTER!!!!!!!!


  20. Audrey

    one weird thing about minecraft is that they don’t really have knees or elbows.

  21. Sam

    But please can you send me its cheats on my email? cause i dont know any!

  22. Terrax

    i love this game

  23. nazmi firdaus

    i love minecraft …:D

  24. Mohammed Almansour

    My favorite game is minicraft

  25. Maxime breton

    i love nminecraft

  26. Love M Craft

    IM love it

  27. bach gia

    thank minecraft i love it

  28. theodorejoshvillanueva

    thank you very much for creating minecraft SP so you don’t need email password anymore god bless and thank you again until next time bye

  29. Greenman04

    It WOOORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!

  30. tracy lee

    now i can play online for free yay

  31. Nathan Tejano Ortega

    thnx it really work



  33. KillemCallum

    N I C E ! T H A N K S A L O T !
    But just O N E S I N G L E B I T of mistake lol . BTW I K I T S D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 3 N O W
    It takes More than 1 minute to load the installation . And i’m kinda Inpatient . Other than that , Its AWESOME and there’s no other M I S T A K E ! <3 M I N E C R A F T F O R E V E R <3 !

  34. Brayden

    Minecraft is the best

  35. SkylarNoble


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